Pen Paper & Plot

PPP is a creative space where we nurture ideas every day. We help our brands to be what they want to be: leaders of change and innovation. We dream and then we do, making everything possible for those whose imagination knows no limits.


We specialize in digital marketing, online campaigns, content creation, social media marketing, and growth strategies. We adjust to our client’s needs, always bringing our unique perspective to see things and generate the desired results.


Who are we

 Pen Paper & Plot is a project that, as its name hints, gathered a group of passionate people who loved to build narratives and create stories that could fly away and reach endless destinies.

Before being PPP, the creatives behind every campaign were working under the name of Harsest, a small agency that was born in Stockholm and then moved to Seoul in 2017, seeking new challenges and adventures.

After successfully working together and building a client base that thrived and hustled with us in our shared projects and campaigns, You’ve Got Pictures, the video production company, crossed our path.

We wrote stories and designed marketing campaigns, they also built stories through videos. We decided to unite our shared passion of storytelling to deliver to our brands and clients the promise of a new culture of marketing, based solely in creative and strategic minds who do not give up and always find new ways of delivering what marketing is: happiness.



What we do


 PPP, as we like to call ourselves,  believes in creativity taken to the next level. We have a team of people who thrives at creating engaging content that reaches everyone, in giving birth to ideas that disrupt the system and become memorable experiences.

We like to work hand in hand with our clients to discover together what they need and giving our best to deliver the highest result possible.



Our team is built with people who have a vision of the future. We are not clairvoyant per se, but we like to see our brands not only for where they are now, but where they can be according to their potential.

That’s why we put our hearts and minds into the strategic planning of the marketing mix of a company, including the basic 4 Ps: product, price, promotion, and place.


Social Media

Taking into account the vital importance of social media in any marketing plan, we offer analysis, research, creation of content, optimization and strategic management for our client’s digital presence.


Email Marketing:

Email marketing is a powerful tool that can help you deliver your message to the right target. Although nowadays sending emails might be easy, when it’s about marketing goals we’re talking, you need to figure out much more than just typing a message and clicking “send.”

We help you to find the right target, strategic planning of your emails and creative writing for them.